Reasons – Why MOBE Not a Pyramid Scheme !

You want to start an online marketing business but can’t quite grasp all those foreign words like leads and funnels, and you are constantly told there is money in generating leads?

If you are seeking a way to learn internet marketing faster, you may have probably heard about a company called MOBE that offers training in online marketing and affiliate programs. Some persons views MOBE as a Pyramid Scheme or Scam, while others swear it helped them learn, connect, and earn big money Online. This article will give a closer look into MOBE and provide facts that will help you decide if it is a platform that is right for you.

MOBE Pyramid Scheme

What is MOBE?

MOBE stands for My Own Business Education and it is a teaching platform for learning internet marketing online. It also gives you the practical knowledge by allowing you a chance to be an affiliate and re-sell their products. It offers different levels of compensation depending on your desires and needs.

Core Products and Services offered by MOBE

  • MOBE Standard Affiliate Program

The standard package offers compensation earnings between 10% – 50% on products and services available depending on the product.

  • MOBE License (Silver Master Class)

This license offers 90% commission on products priced $500. Products over $500 will get you 50% commission. One also gets access to a personal coach and sales team, plus additional marketing tools and more.

  • Gold Master Class

An online training program that teaches you how to build a 6-figure company that constantly generates sales. It consists of 8 Modules with a lifetime access to updated content.

  • Titanium Mastermind, Platinum Mastermind, and Diamond Mastermind

All three give you access to an exclusive event. You will spend several days training and networking with all lodging, food, and entertainment included and paid. Each level offers something new but most of all, an opportunity for networking and communicating with top MOBE affiliates and the wealthiest most-powerful mentors in the industry.

The Man Behind MOBE

Matt Lloyd is a 28-year-old businessman and entrepreneur specializing in online marketing. He made a fortune by using his knowledge. Matt studied accounting and finance at University, but saw the potential of online marketing and decided to learn more about it. Eventually, he dropped out of college and invested all his time and effort in learning digital marketing.

When Matt started his internet marketing journey in 2008 he did not have much knowledge about running a business online, and it took him up to two years to start generating profits. He quickly realized that legitimate training products to teach people how to build a business online the right way were scarce. That’s why he decided to create his own product—My Online Business Education.

Understanding a Pyramid Scheme

The essence of a pyramid scheme is that it promises participants money or services for enrolling other people into the scheme, while it does not offer real investment or sale of products. As a result, it is cannot be regarded a sustainable business model.

MOBE, in fact, differs from a pyramid scheme because offers you a wealth of knowledge applicable to generating profit out of any product. However, people tend to get confused by the fact the product offers money to their affiliates—it actually implements the fundamentals of internet marketing.

The Essence of MOBE

My Online Business Education has everything from online training to live events and networking. There are products and services to suit various levels of knowledge and different needs people have when wanting to learn about online marketing.

Most of the in-depth technical training on internet marketing begins at the MOBE License Rights Program level. It encompasses the knowledge most people want and need, and you can always decide whether you wish to take a step further or be satisfied with what you have on that level.

People first go with the less expensive products and thus move on to the MOBE sales funnel. That is how the company builds relationships and makes a profit. It’s no different from any other legitimate business—each product in online marketing is sold in that same very way.

Many people use MOBE for the networking at live events, others choose to be affiliates, but you can always take the knowledge this product provides and successfully apply it to other business ventures.

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